Wild bird and Street photography.

Photography is a rewarding hobby that I enjoy. I find that being outdoors and interested in nature is good for the soul and combining the two interests is a somewhat magical experience. 

As for gear, I am currently primarily using a Canon 80D and EF 400mm f5.6L lens for bird photography. For low light, under the canopy birding, I now use a Canon 200D with an EF 300mm f4L IS lens. This combo' only weighs 1.70Kgs and works well for me. I generally have one camera in my hand and the other either in my backpack, or on a Peak Design camera clip.

For street photography it is either the Fuji X100F, with it's silent leaf shutter and great out of camera JPEGs or one of the DSLRs with an EFS 17-55mm f2.8 lens. 

I like to be mobile and prefer light weight gear, especially when trekking for hours in the heat. I am not really a fan of post processing so I shoot JPEGs and try to correctly expose at the time of shooting. 

I have been living and working in Thailand for many years, am married and have two children. You can find me on Twitter at @HeatThailand